About Us

hey, you are here, so welcome to the story of Redroar.

A startup founded by -  Karan Thakur 


 Redraor a startup focused on creating motivational canvas wall art, Redraor is dedicated to inspiring and pushing others to be their best selves. The designs are meant to motivate and uplift, encouraging people to do whatever they do in life to the best of their ability.

But what sets Redraor apart from other canvas wall art companies? It's the personal touch. We are are deeply invested in our company, and work hard to ensure that every customer feels seen and heard. we offer a completely personalized experience, tailoring each design to the individual's needs and goals.

Redraor is more than just a business. It's a labor of love, a way for us to give back to the world and help others find the motivation and inspiration they need to succeed. It's the realization of our childhood dream, and we are grateful for every opportunity to share their art with the world.

So why choose Redraor for your motivational wall art? Because when you buy from Redraor, you're not just getting a beautiful piece of art. You're supporting the journey of two friends who never gave up on their dreams, and who are dedicated to helping others find the motivation to do the same.

Thank you for choosing Redraor. We can't wait to share our art with you and help you achieve your goals.



Okhla Phase -2 New Delhi-20
Okhla, Delhi


contact us for more info - contact@redroar.in